Philippine Embassy Tripoli Visits Filipino Community in Sabratah Libya

Philippine Embassy Tripoli Visits Filipino Community in Sabratah, Libya

On Friday, 28 May 2021, the Philippine Embassy headed to Sabratah, Libya, around 70 km west of capital Tripoli, to meet with members of the Filipino Community from Sabratah and surrounding areas. The meet-and-greet and lunch meeting was organized by the Filcom members themselves. Chargé d’Affaires Juan E. Dayang, Jr. introduced himself and members of the Embassy to the Filcom. 

During the open forum, CDA Dayang addressed the pressing concerns of the Filcom, particularly on salary remittances and currency conversion. He assured the Filcom that the Embassy will continue its efforts to reach appropriate Libyan authorities to find solutions to their concerns. “The Embassy will never cease to reach out and listen to your issues and problems. Having said that, we will do our utmost to serve your best interest,” CDA Dayang said.

The Embassy also provided updates on its consular and assistance-to-national services and cultural and Filcom activities. The Embassy extended its invitation to the Filcom to participate in the upcoming 123rd Philippine Independence Day celebration to be held in the Embassy grounds in Janzour City on 11 June 2021.