The Embassy is pleased to facilitate your passport application by providing you the following requirements. To ensure a smooth and speedy processing, please download the application forms, fill them up completely, and check all requirements for completeness before coming personally to apply.

Passport Renewal

  1. Duly accomplished Passport Application Form for Adults or
    Passport Application Form for Minors
  2. Original Passport and photocopy of Original Passport
  3. Personal appearance, applicant to come in decent attire
  4. Passport Renewal Fees: LYD 84.00 or USD 60.00

Lost Passport

  1. Secure a police report from the nearest Libyan police station where the passport was lost
  2. Duly accomplished Affidavit of Loss Form to be notarized by the Embassy
  3. Bring the first two documents above to the Libyan Immigration Service and secure an Immigration Clearance
  4. Original authenticated Birth Certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority PSA (formerly NSO) and photocopy
    OR Photocopy of lost Passport
  5. Duly accomplished Passport Application Form
  6. Personal appearance, applicant to come in decent attire
  7. Lost Passport Fees: LYD 210.00 or USD 150.00 plus
    Affidavit of Loss Fees of LYD 35.00 or USD 25.00

Note: An additional 15-day waiting period is needed to verify the lost passport, if that lost passport was issued in the Philippines.

Newborn / First-time applicants

  1. Original Birth Certificate (in Arabic) of the newborn applicant, and three (3) photocopies
    Note: The Embassy will translate the Arabic Birth Certificate into English.
  2. Duly accomplished Report of Birth Form, in four (4) copies
  3. Original authenticated Marriage Certificate of the parents from the Philippine Statistics authority PSA (formerly NSO), and four (4) photocopies
    If the parents' marriage is not registered in the PSA Registry of Marriages (for example, where the marriage abroad was not registered at the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate, or where it was celebrated in church or under Shari'ah Law), the Original Contract must be presented, plus four (4) photocopies.
    If the parents are not married, the father shall submit a duly accomplished Acknowledgment of Paternity Form, plus four (4) photocopies
  4. Parents must present their Original Passports, plus four (4) photocpies
  5. Parents' colored passport sized photographs (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm), two (2) copies each
  6. Duly accomplished Passport Application Form
  7. Personal appearance of newborn / first-time applicant
  8. Newborn / First-time Passport Fees: LYD 84.00 or USD 60.00 plus
    Translation of Birth Certificate of LYD 35.00 or USD 25.00
    Acknowledgment of Paternity of LYD 35.00 or USD 25.00